A Digital Game Show in the Form of a Battle Royale

Compete in real-time against live contestants from around the world for real-world prizes in a 24-player battle royale. Grab as many coins as you can in the arena without getting fragged. Survive until the end to take home the big loot!

Real City Maps Are Your Battlegrounds

Battlepalooza uses Google Maps geospatial data to create arenas. Compete in real-world cities, including Las Vegas, San Francisco and Paris. Different cities offer different levels of prizes.


Every player has a chance to win coins and gears on every game. Last contestant standing wins valuable premium coins that can be traded for exclusive gears and skins. Stake your premium coins on Premium Matches to win big. New, exclusive and limited edition gears are offered weekly for you to collect.

Play with Your Friends

Invite your friends for a little downtown showdown in this fun social game. Or form an alliance to strategize and work together to gang up on your opponents.


Decide on your unique loadout that best fits your strategy at the start of each match. Upgrade weapons and skills throughout the match by collecting items. The strategic gameplay is in knowing what to equip and upgrade by understanding your play style and the match situation. Victory will be determined by the right strategy.

Out-of-this-World Fun for Everyone

Battlepalooza is designed for players of all skill levels. You don’t have a to be a hardcore gamer to stand a chance. The game features a top down view for easier navigation. The combat system rewards players with a blend of strategy, skill and luck -- and not just reaction time.